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Grumpy, Frumpy Day…

So, what was supposed to be a calm, creative day turned out to be quite hectic. 

The day started out smoothly, with my (excessive) morning dose of the Sacred Brew (coffee). I then went to my father in law’s (Le Shack à Dédé) to retrieve a labeling program I had lent him. Of course, I should have known I am incapable of a thirty second visit. Dédé is a carpenter, and as such keeps any interesting bits of wood he has leftover for me, along with tree branches, tools, books… Needless to say, I spent a good hour and a half going through the woodpiles with him. Upside? He got me some beautiful pieces of rosewood that I already have a million plans for. Downside? By the time I actually got home, I was a half hour late sending earthborn the labels I had promised to make…

…Stress levels slowly ascending…

I install the program on the computer, finish said labels, save them to PDF format… and the files won’t convert. 

…Stress levels ascending once again…

So, I start over, using paint. PAINT! Longest labelling I’ve ever done. Oh. My. Goddess. I finish the labels (they turned out awesome BTW), send them, nearly two hours late, and realize I haven’t gotten any of my projects started for CreationsJessy.  Then I realize I have no more cigarettes. 

There’s a snowstorm going on outside. Its fecking cold. So I try going without. 

…Stress levels reach uncharted heights…

And my computer crashes. 


I braved the cold, went and got smokes, brewed a nice chamomile tea, smoked a few cigarettes, then re-started my computer. Lo! & Behold! It works!


Good thing I have a meditation day planned with my sister Tracy tommorrow. I think I need it. 

Love & Light

(& Smokes & Coffee)


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2 thoughts on “Grumpy, Frumpy Day…”

  1. Thank you for the labels!! They are awesome!! Ohhhhhh rosewood!!!!! Very cool!

    Enjoy the meditation tomorrow! You need it! Heck….so do I!!

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