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Learning Alchemy

We never stop learning, and as my father used to say; “If you learn at least one thing in your day, you did not waste it.”.

I had the privilege to spend the day with my Bunny Sister (Wendy, founder/president of earthborn) yesterday, and we had the most fabulous time experimenting with bath bombs. It took a lot less time than expected, so we moved on to other projects.

My domains are fabric, wood, and herbs. Thus, watching Bunny spin her magic, turning oil into light moisturizing cream, a basic oil into a miracle for my aching back (I had spent the previous day shoveling wet snow), listening to the fountain of information spilling from her lips as she explained every step of her mysterious alchemy was an awe-inspiring learning experience.

Thank you, my dear, sweet Bunny, for a wonderful day. I look forward to learning more about essential oils and their magic by your side!

Love & Light

(and Learning)


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1 thought on “Learning Alchemy”

  1. What a day it was! I was so happy to bring you into my world! My alchemy is my treasure…my connection to the natural world and it’s infinite mysteries, and I am so glad to have shared it with you 🙂 Here’s to the future of a new learning experience for us both! Love ya!

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