‘Oklahoma, what have you done?’ –

I’m becoming prouder and prouder every day that I’m Canadian…

‘Oklahoma, what have you done?’ –

 As a reproductive rights advocate and a proud mother of two, my blood ran cold as I read about Oklahoma’s new abortion legislation (HB 2656). The state of Oklahoma just decided, and by an appallingly high margin I might add, that a doctor is protected from being sued if he or she chooses not to tell a woman that the baby she is carrying has a birth defect.

State legislators made this decision Tuesday, voting 36-12 in the Senate and 84-12 in the House to override Gov. Brad Henry’s veto of this law. (The Legislature also overrode the governor’s veto of a second egregious law, HB 2780, which forces women to view an ultrasound before having an abortion.)

Oklahoma, what have you done?

Under this new law, a doctor may withhold information, mislead or even blatantly lie to a pregnant woman and her partner about the health of their baby if the doctor so much as thinks that fetal test results would cause a woman to consider abortion.


5 thoughts on “‘Oklahoma, what have you done?’ –”

  1. WHAT???!! Wow…what is happening to the world? What about freedom of choice? Of bring informed and prepared? This is madness…so not right on so many levels!

    Oh Canada…Oh how I love thee….

    1. Its horrifying. Take a quick look at some other related laws being passed in the US, under the umbrella term “A Woman’s Right to Know”… disgusting and cruel in my opinion.

      The last link is to a woman’s horrific torture at the hands of the new legislature in Texas.

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