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Garden Magick

Spring has officially arrived! Warm weather is finally here! My flowerbeds have been cleaned and weeded; perennials, bulbs, and fiddle-heads are beginning to peek out from the soil. Mischief is in the air, as the Fae local to my yard awaken from their slumber. With their awakening comes random, missing objects from my home… And so begins my weekly Faery Tea Ritual.

On Saturday evening I blend an ounce of each of the following herbs: Black Tea, Dried Apple Peel, Dandelion Root and Elder Flower. To this I add about a teaspoon of honey, cover with boiled water, and let it sit over night.

On Sunday morning, just before sunrise, I filter the “tea” into a watering can, and fill with water. I then go outside with said watering can, a red candle (I use a large jar candle that I can use until Samhain), about a foot of red ribbon, and a small wooden bowl filled with honey and milk.

I set up the items before the apple tree, and sit on the ground facing the East. I light the red candle, set my hands over the wooden bowl, and recite the following:

Calling all Faeries from your bower

Come to me this golden hour

Come to me on Faery wings

Taste the honey offering

The offering bowl is set in the apple tree (my Faery altar is a natural tripod of branches in the tree). I then set my hands on the watering can, visualize shimmering faery light surrounding it, and recite the following:

Black for Power

Apple for Might

Root of the Sun 

Lady’s Delight

Make Magick Water

With Faery Blessings

Plant Life Grows Strong

Prosperous Bounty

I take the watering can and water my flowerbeds and vegetable patch, chanting:

Grow Strong, Be Bountiful

If there is any water left in the can, I empty it in libation at the base of the apple  tree. In closing, I tie the ribbon to a branch in thanks to the Faeries for making my garden prosper, and snuff out the candle.

Love & Light



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