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Growing Leaves – A Meditation

Spring has finally arrived! Here in Québec the sun is shining, the snow is gone, crocuses are blooming… Ahhh!!!

The meditation I am about to share is one I to every morning, year-round. But with the warm weather, and the sun shining, it is oh-so-much more fulfilling!

Go outside in the morning, after sunrise, before the sun reaches its zenith (around 9 am is the best time). Sit on the ground or in a chair facing the sun. Breathe deeply, inhale the wonderful scent of morning. Listen to the wonderful melody of birds chirping; welcoming the Sun.

Visualize roots growing out of your root chakra. See them extending into the earth. Feel the cold soil surrounding them, small insects stirring among them. When you have sent your roots as deep as they will go, begin pulling in energy through them. Pull energy up through your roots, to your Root Chakra, then open the rest of your chakras.

Pull energy up through your roots once again. Feel the energy seep out of your chakras, feel it tingle on the surface of your skin. Inhale; pull up energy. Exhale; see that energy reach the surface of your skin, then grow into branches and leaves. Inhale; feel the sun on your leaves. Feel the warmth radiate within you. Soak up the sun’s energy. Bask, and be happy.

Commune with the sun for as long as you wish. Any time during the day, when you feel stressed or upset, remember the leaves, find the sun, and soak up more energy.

Love & Light



3 thoughts on “Growing Leaves – A Meditation”

  1. Great post. I truly believe this is something everyone should do at the very least once a week, regardless of religious beliefs. In this society that seems to be functioning on 80% stress, we all need some special time to break away and reconnect our roots 🙂

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