Journal Entries


I have been called by many names, been many things over the course of my existence. Wife to the first man, demoness, succubus… But, in truth, I am Goddess. My domains are Lust, Sexuality, and Raw. Animal. Power. Fertility and love are of no interest to me, as what I live for, breathe for, is the blissful heat within my loins… I am the Temptress,

I am She who will make the Young God a Man, before, at Walpurgis, He makes the Maiden a Mother. It is I who will teach Him the game of seduction, and desire, and… the infinity of carnal pleasure.

He will be there, waiting for me, sitting quietly on the floor of the Ancient Grove; the musky scent of the forest in His nose, the small sounds of the night in His ears. He will hear my arrival. And He will know.

He will know what awaits Him, for we have done this dance of Birth, Growth, Passion, Life, and Death many times before. He knows, and He remembers. His skin tingles at the memory.

His hunter’s eyes will see me clearly as I step into the Grove. His length will harden at the sight of me, as I stand gloriously naked before Him. There is no shame in this game of passion. There is only need, want, and desire.

He will stand to greet me, and I will gaze approvingly at His naked, lusciously muscled form. His length is impressive, and I will see it twitch beneath my appraising stare… I will reach out and lay my fingertips upon His chiseled chest, lightly touching His skin, “accidentally” grazing His nipples, and I will revel in His sharp intake of breath…


He knows.

He remembers.

And He is oh, so ready….


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