Chakras & Energy Work

What made me realize that this “Witchy Business” is real, was the first time I opened my Chakras. I’ve always been terrible at visualisation; I just can’t see the ocean in a meditation. But I can feel it, smell it. I  know it’s there. So when I began concentrating on Muladhara, that red ball of light, I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was there, I knew it was red. And I could definitively feel it. It was that physical sensation that convinced me.

I’ve learned that your Chakras are much more than a conduit for energy during ritual. They represent your weaknesses; your strengths. Have trouble getting through Ahahata? It won’t get easier until you address the emotional issues you’ve been bottling up. Really nervous about a public speech or an oral presentation? Take some time to meditate on Visuddha, and you’ll find the words flowing effortlessly.

I’ve seen a lot of traditions that say you must close your Chakras after using them. I never have. First off, my psychic shield is generated & maintained by my Chakras. Second, I’m a witch every day of my life, not just when the Sabbats & Esbats roll around. I use energy when I cook, I remove negativity when I clean, every hug, every kiss, every touch is infused with love & light.

I’m a firm believer in the necessity of meditating on each chakra individually. As previously stated, your Chakras are a reflection of your spiritual self. Any one that you have trouble accessing will designate a realm of your psyche that needs work; i.e. issues with Manipura may indicate a lack of emotional/spiritual strength, or not standing up for one’s beliefs or opinions. This exercise is a must for anyone who is new to the Craft/Energy work, as it gives you a better idea of where your blocks are, and helps you to attune with the energy specific to each Chakra. Those who have done extensive energy work can also benefit from such meditations as our spiritual needs & issues grow and change as our surrounding situations change.

Quite obviously, the opinions stated here(and everywhere else on this blog) are my own. The information is gleaned from my own hard work & practice. Each tradition differs in its use (or non-use) of the Chakras, though it has been most enlightening for me on my Path to come to view the Chakras as a part of my spiritual self/psyche, and not as just another ritual tool.

Love & Light


“Cleansing Your Chakras” by Rizerax


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