Journal Entries

Animal Guides

By my blog’s title, you have probably already guessed who my animal guides are. Serpent, Wolf, and Raven. These guides have appeared at different times in my life, and each had different things to teach me.

The first to appear was the Raven, when I was still a young seeker on the Path. It was at a time in my life when the Craft’s allure, for me, was power. I was a young teenager; the Craft was ‘cool’, and 180 degrees from what my parents beliefs were. The Raven taught me that this Path is so much more. He taught me to see with my heart, to stand firm in my beliefs, and that understanding and control is much more important than power.

The Serpent came next. He taught me to control my emotions, to listen, and to be acutely aware of my surroundings. From him I also learned the art of objectivity; to detach myself from a situation and analyse & think clearly. When the Serpent appeared, I was a very ‘loud’ witch; almost a spectacle… I wore the showy, black, goth-esque clothing everyday, charms and pentacles adorned my neck, and I would pick a fight with anyone who challenged my beliefs. The Serpent taught me discretion. I learned that I can be proud to be a witch, I can be firm and strong in my beliefs, but I don’t need to make a show of myself.

Then, years later, when I began to teach, the Wolf came to me. I am still learning from Him, and still have much learning to do, but by far, the most valuable lesson he has taught me is that the needs of the ‘pack’ come before the needs of the Alpha. Since its foundation in 2009, I have been the General Co-Ordinator of the Silver Roan Circle. The Wolf taught me that being ‘leader’ doesn’t mean power. Lord & Lady know, I’ve spent countless hours over the last three years organizing & writing Rituals, planning events, outings, and coffee meets, preparing lessons & workshops, being counsellor and mediator to the Circle’s members… The Wolf taught & helped me through all the things that need doing for the betterment of the whole.

As we grow & change, so do our needs & aspirations, and so do the Guides that appear to us. Mine have been there & supported me through my lessons and trials on this Path. I will never regret the chant I recited all those years ago, for my Guides have given me so much, and I am thankful for their presence within my heart.

Guardians of the Dreamworld, I call you to my side.

Reveal my Spirit Animal, Protector, and Guide.

Show me the Power, and Beauty, and Grace

In the Radiant eyes of my Guardian’s face.

Love & Light, 



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