Book Of Shadows

Seeking Sight

The very center of our intuition is the third eye chakra, Ajna. I developed the following meditation to facilitate access to your third eye, therefore strengthening your intuition.

Sit comfortably. Clear your mind, let it become a total blank. You find yourself in complete darkness. You turn to your right, and can barely make out a staircase, illuminated by a faint red glow. You go to the stairs and begin climbing. You come to a landing and stand  before a glowing red door. Know that this door leads to Muladhara, your Root Chakra. But this is not the door you’re looking for. Continue climbing the stairs. Pass by the orange, yellow, green, and blue doors. Continue climbing until you reach the violet door.

You have arrived at your destination. You have reached the center of your intuitive skills. Open the door, and cross the threshold.

You find yourself inside a glowing violet orb. At the center, you see an enormous amethyst basin, filled with clear, violet water. Know that this same water runs through the minds of every single being that exists, has existed, and has yet to exist. This water is the collective memory. It is imbued with the memories of all those passed, alive, and unborn. And all you have to do is quiet your mind, gaze into its depths, and see…

Some of my students have had difficulty seeing in the basin the first few tries. Don’t get frustrated, and continue practicing the meditation on a regular basis. Keep in mind that your intuitive skills are akin to a muscle… the more you exercise it, the stronger it will become. The more often this meditation is practiced, the easier and quicker you’ll be able to access the Basin.


Love & Light,




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