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The Skinny Bitch Rant

Whilst perusing through my Face Book feed, I see the following photograph posted by a Woman’s Rights group I’d joined:

Now, I am still unsure of the reason that this photograph was posted (possibly something about men pressuring women to look like this, or something along that line of thought), but I read through the comments and I was taken aback. “Someone get her a sandwich, stat!”, “That’s disgusting” ,”She really needs to put on some weight!”, and (the one that instantly get me riled) “”real women have CURVES”.


Guess what. I’m nearly 5’9, and weigh about 105 lbs. Which makes me not much heavier that the above model (note that the above photo is photo-shopped, I’ve added the original at the bottom of the page). I don’t have curves, I have tiny, dainty wrists, and you could easily play the xylophone on my clavicle & rib cage. I’m not slim, I’m not thin; I’m skinny. Am I anorexic? Bulimic?  Do I have some sort of disorder that makes me so skinny? Have I been brainwashed by the media to the point of wishing to look like that?

No, no, no, and NO!

I’m perfectly healthy. I eat properly (more that most lumberjacks), I exercise regularly;  I take care of myself. I just happen to have a very fast metabolism. I’ve always been this way, and I couldn’t put on five pounds if my life depended on it.  Yet for YEARS I’ve had to deal with such idiotic commentary. I’m skinny; therefore anorexic.

I get it. I really do. Women are tired of the media giving them a negative self-image of themselves by using skinny models in ads & whatnot. I understand that these women are looking to love themselves as they are, to accept their bodies, and change the way the general populous defines a beautiful woman.

But why the fuck must it be done in a way that deprecates skinny girls? Why must I be made to feel like less of a woman because nature made me this way? “Real women have curves”… I’M NOT AN IMAGINARY BEING! I EXIST!  I shouldn’t have to feel bad for what I look like, just so some fat chick can feel better about herself.

That’s right I said it. Fat Chick. In my mind, if they can call something very close to my body type disgusting, I can call them fat chicks as much as I damn well please. Which isn’t the case. There’s probably going to be an uproar following this post, but I’m publishing this text all the same. Because its the truth. Had someone posted a picture of a fat chick, in the same state of dress, same makeup… The comments would have been “Its about time” and “She’s so beautiful” and blah blah blah.

Girls, seriously. Its the most beautiful goal to want to feel good in your own body, but must it be done by putting down other body types? End the hypocrisy. This skinny bitch is tired of it.

Love & Light

The Skinny Bitch




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