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Dark of the Moon

There was a time when the full moon’ s allure drew me inexonerably into her light… The Mother was my refuge, my comfort. When the She rose in the sky, my soul would fly out to greet Her, and I would feel her loving arms around me.

I have come to a time when Mother Moon’s pull has less and less of an effect on me.

No. Now my time of strength, of power, is when the Moon is hidden; when my Goddess is introspective and quiet, seated on Her throne in Helheim.

That is when, in the quiet of night, my heart descends to Her realm to sit at Her feet, and listen to Her great words of wisdom. Her command is to be silent, and I obey. For it is in silence that we hear the most amazing things.

There will soon come a time when my obedience will waver, for I know what is comig… The command to be silent is not for the faint of heart for, in silence, we also hear the roar of our inner demons… the ones we drown out in our waking hours with idle chatter. Our innermost thoughts come to the surface, the ones we push down and refuse to truly ponder… Those terrrible emotions we reufse to feel…

I am not there yet. The time approaches when I will have to confront all these things that eat at my soul. But now is not yet that time.

Glory be to you Hel, Goddess of Death, Queen of Helheim. Your daughter celebrates her 24th year at your feet.


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