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Open Eyes

I haven’t been very good to my blog lately. I haven’t been very good to quite a few things as a matter of fact. If it weren’t for my older sister WestWinds stepping up and grabbing the reins when I dropped them, the SRC would have surely fallen apart.

In my little selfish, fucked up “I feel like shit” world, I don’t think I ever thought to thank WestWinds for that… Or, for that matter, everything else.

WestWinds, Witchazel, and the amazing group of friends I’ve made over the past few months, thank you so much for just being there, listening to me bitch and moan, and hugging me tight when everything got to be too much.

In less than a week from now, I begin anew. I’ll be moving into my own appartment for the first time EVER. When I started dating The Ex seven years ago, I went from my parents place to our place. Needless to say, I’m scared shitless.

But, when I stopped wallowing in how much my life sucked for a minute and opened my eyes, I realized that I have an amazing group of people surrounding me. I’m afraid, but I’m not worried.

Thank You, and I Love You all dearly.

Love & Light



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