Journal Entries



Baby Wolf is napping, and here I sit, on our porch, sipping my coffee & soaking in the quiet of this lovely afternoon.

I take a moment to thank the Goddess for all she has given me.

Though I still go by the moniker HelsDotter on occasion, that form of the Goddess has left me. She has taken many faces over the years, but since meeting the Man of my Dreams, finding my true home up here in the mountains, and birthing our daughter, the time for Dark Goddesses has long passed.

I know not yet Her face, or Her name, but I often feel Her close. As in this serene moment, writing in my notebook, and glancing up at the sky, watching the clouds roll through the most gorgeous blue celestial tapestry.

I felt Her close when the Full Moon & Primal Screams brought my Baby Wolf into the world.

I feel Her especially close, when I nurse my Daughter, when she is asleep in my arms, when I sing her ballads of old…

Every act of love, of nurturing, of Motherhood, She arrives as if summoned; as a great ritual of many verses had been performed. And, in essence, it has, for what greater, older ritual could there be than a Mother’s love for her child?

I know not yet Her name, but I feel Her close, and I love, honour, and revere Her.


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