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The Pagan Experience Project 2015

Signed up for The Pagan Experience 2015! Always quite helpful to have a prompt when blogging about such a vast subject, as is the case with Paganism & Witchcraft!

The Magickal Pen

Pagan Experince

I have enjoyed reading many of the blog posts of followers and those from the other writing communities that I have participated in. The Pagan Blog Project has been the stimulus for most of my Friday posts for the past three years and today marks the last post for this community. Jess Carlson has been wonderful as organizer of the weekly posts, providing the prompts and reminders.

When the announcement was made a few weeks ago that Pagan Bog Project 2014 would be the last year of run, I thought about how this project has served as an opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the pagan community and those things that inspire the individuals part of it. And, so The Pagan Experience was born.

Join me Monday, January 5th for the first of Monday Musings-2015. The plan is to build a writing community of weekly links for sharing from…

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