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Hearth Witchery (as I define it) is a term I use to describe my own personal practice, which revolves around my family, my home, and is heavily influenced by the folk-craft traditions passed down to me through my aunts. Though similarities can be drawn between Kitchen, Cottage, Hedge, and Green Witchery, I’ve found that these terms never quite fit. Traditionally, the hearth *was* where food and remedies were prepared, but it was also so much more than just a stove. The Hearth represents comfort, warmth, long conversations on cold nights, and is a connection to the Gods and our Ancestors.

There was a time when theatrics and pomp were a big part of my Path. As I have gotten older, casting a full circle, and calling down all the denizens of heaven (so to speak), began to seem superfluous, when I could achieve the same result by simply lighting a candle and focusing my intent.

Sabbats and Esbats became easier to observe (babies do not care that you just spent 30 minutes casting circle, and must not lose concentration ), as a candle and a prayer take very little time and space. With this in mind, my Path became a more comfortable, every-day type of thing. A blessing over a simmering pot of stew, a quick prayer over a healing tea, a renewing of energy when my soles touch the grass. Beautiful, poignant meditation while I nurse my daughter.

The Hearth, and Hearth Witchery, also represents community. Here in Québec, we have a tradition called “La Pendaison de la Cremallière” which can be literally translated to “Hanging of the Chimney Hook”. Today, it is a term that designates a house warming party, but traditionally, when a newly-wed couple would move into their new home, the entire community would gather for the hanging of the chimney hook. Well-wishes for the new couple would be written on scraps of paper or birch bark, and used as kindling for the Hearth’s first fire. A great feast would be prepared, and everyone would gather around their hearth, and partake in that feast with joy and merriment.

This, to me, is Hearth Witchery. Family, Love, Community, Tradition, Merriment, Food, Health, and Honouring your Ancestors and Gods.

~ Jessy | Mother Hearth Witch 📚🍄


2 thoughts on “Personal Practice | Hearth Witchery”

  1. Hi! I have a quick question about your blog. Could you please email me when you get a chance? Thanks!

    1. I would, but in order to email you, I would need some sort of contact information, (i.e. an email address). 😉

      There is also a contact form on the about me (the witch) page.

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