Book Of Shadows, Prayers & Hymns

Daily Blessing Prayer

The following is the daily blessing I recite with my Pearl Girl, either in the morning or before bed (whenever she happens to come up to me with her prayer beads and ask).
It is indeed adapted from the Wiccan elemental/five-fold kiss. I’ve always liked it’s format, though its blessings are… not my cup of tea. I adapted it to better reflect my own wishes for my daughter (excluding her womb, because her womb and her sexuality are none of my business). First is the original french version that we recite, followed by the prayer translated into english.

“Bénit soit mes pieds, qui marchent le chemin que je choisis.

Bénit soit mes genoux, qui s’agenouillent devant aucun autel.

Bénit soit mon cœur, qu’il batte avec compassion.

Bénit soit mes yeux, qu’il puissent voir la beauté dans tout ce qui m’entoure.

Bénit soit ma bouche, que je puisse dire ma vérité.

Que les Êtres Divins me guide, et me protège,

Aujourd’hui (cette nuit) et toute ma vie. “

“Blessed be my feet, which walk the path of my choosing.

Blessed be my knees, which kneel before no altar.

Blessed be my heart, may it beat with compassion.

Blessed be my eyes, may they see the beauty in all that surrounds me.

Blessed be my lips, may they speak my own truth.

May the Divine guide and protect me.

On this day (night), and all my life”

If you’re looking for ways to include your children in your practice, this is the perfect kind of “first prayer” to teach your children. It flows, is repetitive, and moves upwards, in order, from the feet, which makes it easy to memorize.

Blessings to you & yours, dear readers!

Jessy | Mother Hearth Witch


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