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SYTABSBW #1 | Coffee Grounds & Filters

Shit You Throw Away But Shouldn’t Because ~ Witchcraft ~ (Frugal Witchery)

Practicing Witchcraft should not be hard on your wallet. It is my firm belief that witchcraft, at its most basic, is the craft of the downtrodden, the terrified, the poor. The last resort when all else has turned to shit… You don’t need a half ton of crystals, you don’t need a quarter ounce of exotic herb from halfway around the world. When you’re in a bind, or closeted or just starting out, all you really need is what you have on hand.

My goal here is not, in any way, to diminish, discredit, or invalidate anyone’s practice. As I have said numerous times in the past, the only practice I am free to judge is my own; “you do you”, as it were. With this series, I simply aim to share real-life examples of items commonly thrown away that can be salvaged and transformed into useable craft ingredients or tools, at little to no cost to the practitioner.   

Used Coffee Grounds

Where would we be without coffee? Coffee is what stimulates me, wakes me, comforts me. I love tea, but, let’s face it, with two babies, a home to run, several blogs, a freelance writing gig, and a tarot business… tea just doesn’t cut it. I basically run on coffee… which means that I have A TON of used coffee grounds.

Some might argue that certain works necessitate fresh coffee grounds, but in my own practice I am extremely frugal (cheap. I’m cheap.), so I recycle where I can. Use your own judgment in deciding where used vs fresh is appropriate.

Saving Used Coffee Grounds

The most important step in saving coffee grounds is drying them. If they aren’t dried properly, they will mold, and then will really be trash.

If your household is like mine, a day’s worth of coffee is enough to save and dry. If not, save the grounds in a plastic dish in the fridge until you have a decent amount.

Spread out the grounds in an even layer on a rimmed cookie sheet. Place in a 200°F oven, leaving the door ajar, and stirring occasionally, until dried through. Leave sheet in the (off) oven overnight to make sure the grounds are 100% dry. Store in a jar or other airtight container.

Using Used Coffee Grounds

Mundane Uses

17 Creative Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

Spell Correspondences
Dispels nightmares, removes internal blockages, encourages hard works, creates energy & motivation, banishes sluggishness & lethargy, promotes peace.
{●} | {●} | {●}

Queen of Peace
Anti-Anxiety Jar

Body Scrubs
Energy Shower Scrub
Career Success Body Scrub
Banish Negative Energy Scrub

Offerings to Spirits, Ancestors, & the Mighty Dead
{●} | {●} | {●}

Used Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are already super-cheap, readily available at your local dollar store but it’s so easy to recycle used ones, I really don’t see the point in ‘wasting’ new ones.

Saving Used Coffee Filters

To save these, all you have to do is rinse them really well (to remove all grounds) in cold water, then lay them flat in a warm oven (one that’s just been turned off, with the oven door left ajar). Once the filters are dry and opaque, remove and store flat.

Using Used Coffee Filters

  • Grimoire art (see photo; from the Samhain page in my personal grimoire)
  • Spell paper; burns well and degrades quickly.
  • Homemade tea/bath sachet
  • Jar replacement for buried spells; again, degrades quickly.
  • Reuse as a filter for rainwater, herbal mixtures, etc.

The uses for these are limited only by your imagination!
{●} | {●} | {●} | {●}


Have some ideas for future trash to treasure articles? Comment below, and I’ll add it to the list! Also, if you try out one of these projects, I’d love to see your results, and any special twists or adaptations so I’ll be tracking the tag #SYTABSBW on Instagram & Tumblr: I’m looking forward to reading your posts and comments!

~ Jessy | Mother Hearth Witch 🍄📚


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