Book Of Shadows, Informative

2015 Full Moons!


Chakras & Energy Work

What made me realize that this "Witchy Business" is real, was the first time I opened my Chakras. I've always been terrible at visualisation; I just can't see the ocean in a meditation. But I can feel it, smell it. I  know it's there. So when I began concentrating on Muladhara, that red ball of light, I couldn't see it, but… Continue reading Chakras & Energy Work


‘Oklahoma, what have you done?’ –

I'm becoming prouder and prouder every day that I'm Canadian... 'Oklahoma, what have you done?' -  As a reproductive rights advocate and a proud mother of two, my blood ran cold as I read about Oklahoma's new abortion legislation (HB 2656). The state of Oklahoma just decided, and by an appallingly high margin I… Continue reading ‘Oklahoma, what have you done?’ –