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Share your favorite spiritual/magickal practices. Hearth Witchery (as I define it) is a term I use to describe my own personal practice, which revolves around my family, my home, and is heavily influenced by the folk-craft traditions passed down to me through my aunts. Though similarities can be drawn between Kitchen, Cottage, Hedge, and Green… Continue reading Personal Practice | Hearth Witchery

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The Pagan Experience Project 2015

Signed up for The Pagan Experience 2015! Always quite helpful to have a prompt when blogging about such a vast subject, as is the case with Paganism & Witchcraft!

The Magickal Pen

Pagan Experince

I have enjoyed reading many of the blog posts of followers and those from the other writing communities that I have participated in. The Pagan Blog Project has been the stimulus for most of my Friday posts for the past three years and today marks the last post for this community. Jess Carlson has been wonderful as organizer of the weekly posts, providing the prompts and reminders.

When the announcement was made a few weeks ago that Pagan Bog Project 2014 would be the last year of run, I thought about how this project has served as an opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the pagan community and those things that inspire the individuals part of it. And, so The Pagan Experience was born.

Join me Monday, January 5th for the first of Monday Musings-2015. The plan is to build a writing community of weekly links for sharing from…

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Imbolc Altar

I’m ready to pull down all the holiday decorations (and its not even new year’s yet), but I hate the drabness of the post-holiday season. I just might set up my Imbolgc altar early this year, as well as take a cue from this post. I agree that Imbolgc decorations are often identical to Yule decorations. I like the idea of a wintry altar I can add green to as the Sabbat approaches.

Moody Moons

This weekend, I decided to turn over my seasonal altar.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never been great about celebrating Imbolc.  It’s kind of my slacker Sabbat.  Between the pagan holidays and the more mainstream ones, I’m holiday-ed out by February.  But this season, as the coming deepest winter months approach, I decided I would put some effort into dressing the altar for Imbolc.


It’s too early to think about spring, but it’s hard to create a wintery altar without making it look like Yule/Christmas The Sequel.  I decided to go with a white and silver color palette, which I think makes the transition nicely.

The first thing I did to get inspired was take advantage of the amazing weather this weekend and go on a nature walk near the Manassas Battlefields.  Every sunny day warm enough to walk in is a blessing this time of year, because you never know…

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Happy Yuletide!

Happy Yuletide, dear readers! Here in Quebec, the Solstice is at 18h00, occurring this year within 2½ hours of the new moon; two rebirths for the price of one! As we celebrate both Yule, and Christmas, Papa Wolf and I will each be opening one gift tonight, and the rest with his family on Christmas… Continue reading Happy Yuletide!

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‘Tis the Season to Make Witch Balls

LOVE this! Its time to stock up on clear, fill-able ornaments, dear readers! They make lovely Yule decorations, and can be used for different purposes year-round!

Moody Moons

Witch balls are an Old World pagan tradition.  Hang them in windows, over beds to ward off nightmares, in the garden to bless new growth, in kitchen to welcome good spirits or over doorways to protect the entrance.  The glass of the balls is believed to deflect negative energy.

I filled mine with all-natural ingredients like rose (for a loving home) and cinnamon sticks (for protection).  I even picked fresh green moss from the garden and preserved it using a new method I just learned.  I think it came out cute!


Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own, or if you’re not so crafty, I’ll be happy to make one for you!  Available here:

Moody Moons Witch Balls

Tiffany Michelle
Moody Moons

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