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SYTABSBW #1 | Coffee Grounds & Filters

Shit You Throw Away But Shouldn’t Because ~ Witchcraft ~ (Frugal Witchery) Practicing Witchcraft should not be hard on your wallet. It is my firm belief that witchcraft, at its most basic, is the craft of the downtrodden, the terrified, the poor. The last resort when all else has turned to shit… You don’t need… Continue reading SYTABSBW #1 | Coffee Grounds & Filters

Journal Entries

Grumpy, Frumpy Day…

So, what was supposed to be a calm, creative day turned out to be quite hectic.  The day started out smoothly, with my (excessive) morning dose of the Sacred Brew (coffee). I then went to my father in law's (Le Shack à Dédé) to retrieve a labeling program I had lent him. Of course, I should have… Continue reading Grumpy, Frumpy Day…


Morning Devotions

A brilliant poem penned by my very dear friend & sister WitchHazel. All hail the Java Gods! Lovely Java, Who art in my coffee pot, Hallowed is your essence, Your aroma and full-bodied flavor, good for my mind and my body Give me today the ability to function As my "engine" is having trouble to… Continue reading Morning Devotions