Book Of Shadows

Seeking Sight

The very center of our intuition is the third eye chakra, Ajna. I developed the following meditation to facilitate access to your third eye, therefore strengthening your intuition. Sit comfortably. Clear your mind, let it become a total blank. You find yourself in complete darkness. You turn to your right, and can barely make out a staircase, illuminated by… Continue reading Seeking Sight

Journal Entries

Growing Leaves – A Meditation

Spring has finally arrived! Here in Québec the sun is shining, the snow is gone, crocuses are blooming... Ahhh!!! The meditation I am about to share is one I to every morning, year-round. But with the warm weather, and the sun shining, it is oh-so-much more fulfilling! Go outside in the morning, after sunrise, before… Continue reading Growing Leaves – A Meditation