Journal Entries, Mother Hearth Witch

Times Are A-Changin’

My magnificent, marvellous, darling daughter; my Baby Wolf, was born in June; Friday the 13th, night of the Full Moon.As such, dear readers, as I blog about my life & experiences, my posts will definetly be taking a baby turn for quite a while, though I will try my hardest to throw in a few… Continue reading Times Are A-Changin’

Journal Entries

Death in the Womb

Your heart fills with joy, ecstasy, pride, seeing the two lines on the pregnancy test. There is life within your womb! You call your family, friends, spreading the good news. You are overjoyed! But, for some, that moment of happiness is fleeting. With rising panic, you see the blood. Then comes the pain; both physical… Continue reading Death in the Womb