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Ech. Resolutions. Every year, for the past decade, has seen repetition, or some variation of, the same, tired resolutions that, come February (or March, If I'm particularly motivated that year), are forgotten, or abandoned. Meh. Next Year.

Journal Entries


Baby Wolf is napping, and here I sit, on our porch, sipping my coffee & soaking in the quiet of this lovely afternoon.I take a moment to thank the Goddess for all she has given me.Though I still go by the moniker HelsDotter on occasion, that form of the Goddess has left me. She has… Continue reading Reverence

Journal Entries, Mother Hearth Witch

Times Are A-Changin’

My magnificent, marvellous, darling daughter; my Baby Wolf, was born in June; Friday the 13th, night of the Full Moon.As such, dear readers, as I blog about my life & experiences, my posts will definetly be taking a baby turn for quite a while, though I will try my hardest to throw in a few… Continue reading Times Are A-Changin’

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Pagan Parent & Expectations

We all have dreams and expectatioms for our children. We want what's best for them, and often times, these expectations make us forget about what they may want... My first child, my beautiful baby girl, was born eight weeks ago; Friday, June 13th, at 13:14, night of the full moon. A date full of esoteric… Continue reading Pagan Parent & Expectations