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The Skinny Bitch Rant

Whilst perusing through my Face Book feed, I see the following photograph posted by a Woman's Rights group I'd joined: Now, I am still unsure of the reason that this photograph was posted (possibly something about men pressuring women to look like this, or something along that line of thought), but I read through the comments and… Continue reading The Skinny Bitch Rant

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"Look inside yourself Simba, You are more than What you have become. Remember Who You Are" Ah, the Lion King. One of my favorite Disney movies as a child. Heck, I still cry when Mufasa dies... The above quote left a lasting impression on me. As a five-year old when the movie came out, it… Continue reading Remember

Blogging Therapy, Journal Entries

Ridiculous & Ridicule

I am not perfect. There. I've said it (cue fake-heart attacks from the peanut gallery... I'm looking at you my sisters three!). But I strive oh so hard to be. I always try to dress the right way, have my hair placed just so, keep an organized, spotless home, say the right things at the… Continue reading Ridiculous & Ridicule