Another poem I penned late at night. Dedicated to my dear, sweet Sister WitchHazel. ◊ She stands before them, a crowd of men Reciting a piece of prose she'd penned. Her heart and soul spills from her lips But she knows. She knows, What they want are her hips... ◊ The lights are dimmed, candles… Continue reading WitchHazel


House by the Side of the Road

One of my all-time favorite poems (#1 being Poe's 'The Raven'), I present to you, dear readers, with "House by the Side of the Road" by Sam Walter Foss. ◊ There are hermit souls that live withdrawn In the place of their self-content; There are souls like stars, that dwell apart, In a fellowless firmament;… Continue reading House by the Side of the Road


Morning Devotions

A brilliant poem penned by my very dear friend & sister WitchHazel. All hail the Java Gods! Lovely Java, Who art in my coffee pot, Hallowed is your essence, Your aroma and full-bodied flavor, good for my mind and my body Give me today the ability to function As my "engine" is having trouble to… Continue reading Morning Devotions