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Day 6 & Beef Jerky

A quick anecdote; it is now quit smoking day six, and I'm still really struggling with the inner negotiation... I went to gas the car the other night. And while waiting in line to pay, I tried really hard to convince myself that it would be perfectly okay to buy a pack of cigarettes. I… Continue reading Day 6 & Beef Jerky

Blogging Therapy, Journal Entries

Quit Smoking Day 3 or Wtf Brain?

A bit of back story; I came down with a lovely bronchitis/laryngitis combo a few days ago, which turned smoking into barf-inducing hack-fest.  I took advantage of this and quit smoking. I've been making feeble and futile attemtpts since New Years 2012. And I do pretty well. Until the mind games start. Then I'm fucked.… Continue reading Quit Smoking Day 3 or Wtf Brain?