Journal Entries

Grumpy, Frumpy Day…

So, what was supposed to be a calm, creative day turned out to be quite hectic.  The day started out smoothly, with my (excessive) morning dose of the Sacred Brew (coffee). I then went to my father in law's (Le Shack à Dédé) to retrieve a labeling program I had lent him. Of course, I should have… Continue reading Grumpy, Frumpy Day…


Morning Devotions

A brilliant poem penned by my very dear friend & sister WitchHazel. All hail the Java Gods! Lovely Java, Who art in my coffee pot, Hallowed is your essence, Your aroma and full-bodied flavor, good for my mind and my body Give me today the ability to function As my "engine" is having trouble to… Continue reading Morning Devotions