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Ech. Resolutions. Every year, for the past decade, has seen repetition, or some variation of, the same, tired resolutions that, come February (or March, If I'm particularly motivated that year), are forgotten, or abandoned. Meh. Next Year.

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Quit Smoking Day 3 or Wtf Brain?

A bit of back story; I came down with a lovely bronchitis/laryngitis combo a few days ago, which turned smoking into barf-inducing hack-fest.  I took advantage of this and quit smoking. I've been making feeble and futile attemtpts since New Years 2012. And I do pretty well. Until the mind games start. Then I'm fucked.… Continue reading Quit Smoking Day 3 or Wtf Brain?

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Grumpy, Frumpy Day…

So, what was supposed to be a calm, creative day turned out to be quite hectic.  The day started out smoothly, with my (excessive) morning dose of the Sacred Brew (coffee). I then went to my father in law's (Le Shack à Dédé) to retrieve a labeling program I had lent him. Of course, I should have… Continue reading Grumpy, Frumpy Day…